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ESP32 WIFI Bluetooth Breadboard Module Kit

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One of the biggest complaints with the ESP32 Devkits is that the board takes up just about the whole width of a breadboard..... This board addresses the problem.... Please take note we offer to variants, a pre-soldered version and a non-soldered version please take note it's not an easy solder process...... rather let us solder it and test it before shipping.

ESP32 DEVKIT vs Breadboard version



It's recommended that you install the ESP32 library in your Arduino IDE before you get started, the following link is very helpful in getting up and running. 

For more details see the following -

Should you be getting brownout resets on the device you should do the following;

- Put a capacitor on the breadboard to stabilise the power.

- Ensure you make use of an LDO with enough current capabilities.

ESP32 Brownout reset recommendations