Xingbao - Building Blocks
Educational building bricks

Keep the children entertained with some educational toys without taking a student loan

Xingbao technical building blocks

Xingbao - Technical

Xingbao - Police

Xingbao - Police

Xingbao - Firefighter

Xingbao - Firefighter

Xingbao - Girl

Xingbao - Girl

Xingbao - Other

Xingbao - Other

5 Reasons to invest in a Xingbao brick building set

Lego type hospital building blocks

Lego Compatible

These building bricks are 100% compatible with Lego. If you have spent thousands on traditional Lego sets don't worry these block are fully compatible with your existing sets and will compliment them.


They not only keep the children busy they are also educational.

Lego type hospital building blocks
Lego style hospital details


Each and every kit has some surprising details 

Well Packaged

All kits are well packaged with detailed manuals.

Xingbao Lego Hospital kit
Xingboa hospital building instructions

Clear Instructions

All kits comes with clear instructions on how to assemble the kit.


Xingboa Lamborghini Lego
Lego Firefighter Helicopter
Lego Police station
Lego sea rescue
Xingbao traditional Chinese city

Make sure you get your orders in, stock is limited.