Arduino RFID Access Controller

Arduino MFRC522 Access Controller

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Arduino Uno R3 

Arduino Uno Proto shield

RFID Development kit

Single Channel Relay Module

Jumper Wires

Arduino RFID (MFRC522) Development kit

Hardware Setup

Remove the proto shield from the bag and stick the breadboard to the PCB;

Arduino and Proto Shield

Connect the proto shield to the Arduino Uno;

Arduino connected to Proto Shield

Next we remove the RFID from the bag and we solder the right angle connector to the PCB;

Solder connector to RFID board

Next we wire the proto shield as follow;

Arduino RFID Proto Shield Wiring

Take note there is 5V and ground connections on the side of the proto shield that is very handy, I also used them to wire the relay.

 After doing the wiring insert the RFID as follow;

Arduino RFID connected to board for access automation

Effectively we are wiring the boards as follow;

Arduino Uno RFID (MFRC522) Wiring with relay

Also connect the relay as follow;

Arduino Uno R3 and Single Channel relay connection

Arduino Uno R3 connected to single channel relay module

Handy RGB Feedback

This is not a must but it is a nice feedback, so you can add RGB LED Module, there is also a SMD version of this module, both these modules can also be found in our sensor kit. The wiring for LED will be as follow;

RGB LED Connection for Arduino IoT Project

Software Setup

Before continuing do ensure you have done the necessary installation of software as per our setup blog.

After completing the setup of all you IDE software it is time to install the MFRC522 driver.

Navigate to "Tools->Manage Libraries"

Type "RFID" in the search bar;

Arduino IDE installation of MFRC522 driver

Click the "MFRC522" Library and then click "Install"

Your library is now installed and you are good to go......

Now navigate to "File->Examples->MFRC522->Access Control"

Arduino IDE opening Access controller for RFID project

Go to the following code line;

#define relay 4     // Set Relay Pin

Change it to

#define relay 2     // Set Relay Pin

Now it's time to upload the code to the Arduino

After uploading the code to the Arduino open the Serial Monitor;

Navigate to "Tools->Serial Monitor"

Arduino IDE Serial port monitor

You should see the following;

Arduino IDE serial port monitor

Now scan the blue tag to set it as the master;

Scanned PICC's UID:
Master Card Defined
Master Card's UID
Everything is ready
Waiting PICCs to be scanned

This blue tag is now the master tag and is used to add or remove tags.

Now scan the white ID tag and you should see the following;

Scanned PICC's UID:
You shall not pass

Lets scan the blue tag to put it in programming mode;

Scanned PICC's UID:
Hello Master - Entered Program Mode
I have 0 record(s) on EEPROM
Scan Master Card again to Exit Program Mode

Now scan the White ID tag to program it into the system

Scanned PICC's UID:
I do not know this PICC, adding...
Succesfully added ID record to EEPROM

Now scan the blue tag again to exit programming mode;

Scanned PICC's UID:
Master Card Scanned
Exiting Program Mode

Now scan the white card and see what happens;

Scanned PICC's UID:
Welcome, You shall pass

Checkout the video of the system up and running;












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