Arduino R3 + LCD Keypad Shield


- Arduino Uno R3

- LCD Keypad Shield


Setup (Hardware)

The setup with this project is fairly easy, it's all plug and play

Plug and play connection

Ensure that the blue trimpot and USB connector for the Arduino is on the same side;

Plug and play connection from the side

Connect the USB cable to your setup;

Our hardware setup is complete.

Setup (Software)

Before continuing do ensure you have done the necessary installation of software as per our setup blog.

Install the LCD Drivers;

  1. Navigate to "Tools->Manage Libraries"


    Arduino Setup 1
  2. In the search box type "LCD"
  3. Install the LCD library by selecting the latest version


    Arduino Setup 2
  4. Download the Sketch
  5. Open the sketch and download the sketch.
  6. Don't panic!!! If your LCD displays nothing then it's time to set the trimpot, turn the trimpot clockwise until you're happy with the display contrast.


    Trim pot adjustment
  7. Go ahead and press those buttons..... keep in mind the "RST" button resets the micro controller.





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