Arduino Due with 1.8" TFT Display


For this project you will require the following;

  1. Arduino Due (Arduino Mega will also work)
  2. 1.8" TFT Display (ST7735 Driver)
  3. 2 X Female to Female 30cm cable
  4. 6 X Male to Female 30 cm cable

Setup (Hardware)

In order to get the Arduino Due to communicate you need to connect pins as follow;

Ardiono SPI Pin 3 -> LCD SCK (see for details) - Female to Female connector

Arduino Mega SPI Interface

Arduino SPI Pin 4 -> LCD SDA - Female to Female connector

Arduino Pin 10 -> LCD CS

Arduino Pin 8 -> LCD Reset

Arduino Pin 7 -> LCD LED

Arduino Pin 5 -> LCD A0

Arduino 3V3 -> LCD VCC

Arduino GND -> LCD GND

Arduino Due TFT Connection

TFT SPI Connection

Setup (Software)

Ensure you have done the necessary installation of software as per our setup blog.

After installing the IDE follow instructions in the youtube video to install the drivers for Arduino IDE setup


Arduino Sketch: Click to Download (ensure you have installed the drivers as per youtube video)

Press "CTR" + "U" or press the upload button and you should see some magic happen.


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